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Flight Simulator 98: Inside Moves

"…This book is easily understood, and very complete. Loaded with steps, tips and Cessna flying techniques. It especially is great for the new FS98 user or someone new to this brand of flight sim software. It really is the manual you didn't get!"

"…The only way I would recommend FS98 to new simmers would be to advise them to get the FS98 Official Strategy guide with it. I think that book has a bit of information for anyone."
-- Scott Zane

"…I'm favorably impressed with Ben Chiu's book on FS98… …It does a good job of covering the basics as well as moving into some more complex areas… …It's a great starting point for becoming a FS fanatic!…"
--Mike MS MVP

"... I greatly enjoyed your work in the book "Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 - Inside Moves". Well done!
--David "Mystic" Sandberg

"…I have to say that I think that the book is very well written and informative. I realize that it wasn't written to substitute the written manual that MS SHOULD have shipped, but I've found that it can be used as that, to an extent."

"…One thing nice about this book for beginners is the fact that it seems to do a pretty good job of introducing several piloting techniques and other real world information about real flying that will help you get the most out of using FS98. So you're not just flying around with no direction all the time. This is info that most real pilots should already know, this is why I passed on it. But for those that want to get a good foot in the door of how flying really works, without going out and buying a bunch of actual aviation manuals, this will probably be a good buy for you…"
--Scott Brazell

"…I think you would find it useful…"
--Gerald C. Young

"…Ben Chiu's book arrived the day before Christmas. That's the first time I had a chance to look through it and overall, I would have to say it is a good book for beginner to intermediate flight simmers."
--Ray F. Jones (SATCO15)
SATCO Director of Training
ICQ 4724407

SATCO Virtual Training Academy

"..As a newcomer to the world of flightsim, I found on-line help to be of extremely little use in learning how to work the thing. Reading the "Inside Secrets" [Moves] book, plus the various lessons that folks have posted on their websites is what helped me most…"

"The Flight Sim experience is different for each player. Some like to head for 30,000 feet in a commercial jet, some like to fly low and slow and explore the scenery. I enjoy both. I would like to think that I am very adept at either.

Microsoft's Flight Simulator has evolved into an simulation that can satisfy either of these desires. I applaud the program and it's complexities.

These complexities are what make your books so invaluable. I completely read IFT for FS98 and appreciated the clear and concise explanations of the elements of instrument flight. What a great refresher it was for me. I constantly looked for something I could argue with, but found none. I only wish that some of the manuals I learned from many years ago could have been this clear and concise.

Had you been my teacher back then, the road to my instrument profiency would have been much smoother."
--Barry Echols

"…I must say that using your book has been a great help, as I have now successfully completed flights from Chicago to JFK, JFK to Boston, and San Fransisco, to Los Angles. all in the Cessna…"

"I remember back in September when I was pretty nervous about this flight sim stuff. But a lot of people helped me along the way, especially the MS_MVP's. Now that I use the Virtual Flight School that I learned about from (Virtual Airlines News Flash), (Plus, I did my first landing pattern yesterday) and now that I have the Microsoft Flight Simulator '98 Inside Moves book next to me, I have nothing to worry about. Thanks to all that have helped me along the way to explore this wonderful flight simulation world.
…Get the Microsoft Flight Simulator '98: Inside Moves book… …Although it doesn't give you navaids, it is one of the best books on this game out there."
--Rory Aronsky

"…There are two "instruction" books out there that I know of, one by Microsoft Press, and another by Prima. The Microsoft Press is the better of the two. Prima just took their FS95 book and changed all references of FS95 to FS98 and threw in a few bones about the helo. They didn't even bother to update the airport/navaid listings in the back of the book so most of the FS98 ones aren't even listed."
--Bob Andrepont

"It is very instructional."

"…This is pretty much for absolute newbies. It deals with the basics. I'd still suggest putting it on the shelf, since it's faster than Help.
…_Private Pilot Manual_, 13th edition, Jeppesen Sanderson, Sanderson Training Systems, ISBN: 0-88487-179-7, Price unrecalled. This is a US Student Pilots Ground School text. With this book and Ben Chiu's MS book, you will be able to fly singles and light twins practically everywhere under VFR conditions…
…This is my FS book shelf…"

"You may want to consider buying the "Strategy Guide" from Microsoft (which basically is the manual that should have been put in the box). It has a lot of info on the sim as well as detailed info on each gauge."
--Keith May

"This book is put out by MS and it is very easy to read. It has a training section in it. Should be able to buy this book at your local computer store or even department store. Also available at"
--Don R.

"I wish this book had come with the program.
Flight Simulator 98 came with a booklet with airport maps and that is all. As a newcomer, I wish this book had been in the box. I tried for several hours to land at the designated runway and always failed and so sought a manual. INSIDE MOVES is a good one. It first explains the program; its drop down menus, options, preference settings, etc. Next the language and conventions of flying, planes, and airports are covered. The instrument cluster is explained next, along with the variations for the different aircraft. I suppose the first areas might be considered ground school because the author takes you through these topics before he puts you in the cockpit on the runway; the next section. From normal flying procedures you are taken through emergency situations, flight planning, navigation, and finally some stunt flying.
I recommend this manual to Flight Simulator newbies like myself… …I give the book four stars. The book is well written and illustrated but the index could be improved. If you want to find the page describing how to use the localizer on the Boeing 737, you'll have to thumb through the pages some."
--A reader from Arlington, Texas , November 9, 1998

"I suggest you get the book "Inside moves" for FS98."

"…Ben Chiu's book is really well written and interesting. I'd spend the twenty bucks for it."
--Neil A. Roberts

"Ben Chiu's book is very informative, specially for beginners…"
-- Ramon L. Negron (Cuco)

"The book by Ben Chiu is available on my site through at a competitive price, less than 20 bucks. It is called Inside Moves and I own it too, it is good."

"Four stars I think this is one of the best guides to MSFS98 around. This book, which I refer to as my perfect Co-Pilot, really helped me in the early stages when I first got the game. It tought me about all the radio communications, (ie. VOR, MAV1, NAV2), and how to use all the proper flight instruments. Needless to say, I currently go onto the web every night and play with my online buds. This book is a MUST GET!! for all you veterens and newbies" from Boston, Mass. , April 22, 1999

"Ben, thanks for writing the book. It helps with all the basics."
--Arkadiusz Tadla

"I just wanted to say that you've taught me a lot and l really appreciate all the work you do. l'm sorta new to FS98, but your book and zone columns have made it a lot easier for me."
--Rob Couchman

"…By the way i like your book i read it all the time."
--TJ Buss

"I've thumbed through it and it seems to be fairly good."
--Martin Underwood

"There is a new book out from Microsoft Press called "Microsoft Flight Simulator 98" by Ben Chiu. Babbages had it at $16.99. It's not too bad. Gives some tips and lots more info than the crummy manual that comes with FS98."
--Bob Familton

"Just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading both of your books on Inside Moves for FS98 and for CFS. They have been very helpful to me in learning how to use both of the sims. ...Thank you for all your hard work on these books."
--J.P. Burke

Browse Flight Simulator 98:Inside Moves at


Browse Flight Simulator 98:Inside Moves at

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Combat Flight Simulator: Inside Moves

"...Ben has authored an amazing Guide to Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator, chock full of absolutely excellent advice on flying and fighting in that simulation...
...Ben's guide is possibly the best instruction anyone could ask for in order to make the best of any good WW2 prop sim. Ben realistically appraises the actual tactics used in WW2 for various types of missions, and also has a keen appreciation of the combat platforms in question.
Perhaps there was no better person to write such a guide, though it's almost a shame that this guide will likely be missed by many prop sim fans since they will assume it's application is limited. Far from it! Ben is a real life pilot and a sim fan and writer of note, and an excellent instructor via his many articles in Strategy Plus magazine...
In short, this work is top notch and I recommend it without hesitation to all WW2 combat pilots"
--Len Hjalmarson
Read the complete review here

"If you want to more info about CFS I suggest getting Ben Chiu's Inside Moves for CFS. Excellent Book!"
Combat Flight Center -

"There's good news, though, I exchanged it (even) at CompUSA for Tribes and the cool book by Ben Chiu for Microsoft CFS!! BTW, this is a very nice book regardless of the WWII sim you enjoy. I would highly recommend it." --rrevved

"…just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading both of your books on inside moves for FS98 and for CFS. They have been very helpful to me in learning how to use both of the sims." --JPBURKE4697

"Hello all:
Just a note to all the gamers who are trying out the Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator Game. I was browsing thru the computer game shelf at my local Best Buy store the other day and I noticed the book written by Ben Chiu ISBN # 1-57231-592-X called Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator: Inside Moves on the shelf.

I bought the book before I even saw the game on the shelf. I had to get one of the Best Buy staff to go to the back room and unpack the game from the shipping boxes, as the shipment had just arrived that afternoon and the boxes had not been opened up yet and the shelves had not been stocked with the game yet. I am the first person to get a copy from that store. hehe

I highly recommend that you buy and read the Book before you try to fly the planes online or off. There is a great deal of information on how to configure the game for best play (ie turn down the graphics for ppl with slower cpu) and then there is a lot of flying information that is of great benefit to the new pilots. HeHe We are all new to this one now. Ben is a certified Twin Engine pilot and a gamer like us too. His chat with the zone players about FA is still on the zone FA news page in the Archives in the Z files. Ben also wrote the book about the Fighter Ace game verison 1.0 too.

He is an avid author who writes a lot about flight sims and has helped answer a lot of my questions about FA when I first started. Thanks to Ben for all the great information. When I first started playing FA I use to ask a whole lot of questions while flying in open team and was soon frustrated by not getting answers. (didn't realize then how hard its is to talk and fly hehe) Well anyway when I got Ben's book and read it I didn't have to ask questions anymore. I found out all the information that a newbie needed and now I am doing the same thing with Combat Flight Simulator.

Hope this helps you all

Ben will help you figure out the different views to use and flying tactics one vs one and one vs many. Many vs many also is covered. Great book and if your the type that complains about the Lack of documentation in Microsoft stuff then you'll have to buy Bens book and get the inside scoop on this game.

"I just bought the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator and Ben Chiu's book on the Inside Moves dealing with CFS. Took me a couple of days reading thru Ben's Book, the readme.txt file and the Microsoft manual.(so called manual) Thank god for authors like Ben as without him there would be no documentation that I would like."

"I read your book on F.A. and on CFS...great works, actually the CFS book helped a great deal with F.A....will you be working on other books for the new WW2 fighter titles coming out i.e..(janes...micropose...soon)…"
--Mark N. Mujica

" has had a few articles in recent weeks about tactics/energy management etc. this is as good a site as any to keep your eye on for this kind of stuff. Also the info on tactics etc. in Ben Chiu's guide to MS Combat Flight Sim (which I still cant find anywhere!) should apply to any WW2 sim."

Browse Combat Flight Simulator:Inside Moves at


Browse Combat Flight Simulator:Inside Moves at

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Fighter Ace: Inside Moves

"4 stars
This book is a must for off-line study!

I still refer to this book to refresh my knowledge of the game. I've flown numerous missions in Fighter Ace since January 1998 and find this book a must for off-line study.

Although written for the original version of Fighter Ace, much of the information still applies and constitutes a fairly complete reference for the game. Fighter Ace is currently in version 1.5 with version 2.0 coming out this Fall.

I often provide on-line training to new pilots to help them get comfortable with flying and combat. I am able to keep my lessons standardized by using the same terms and descriptions used in this book. Although the same information is available from the Web site, it is hard to use the on-line information while inside the game.

Each chapter is well organized and has its own related tips and inside information not readily available in the Zone. There is plenty of information regarding the Zone in Chapter Two. Chapter Three discusses each of the settings for user preferences and how they will affect game play, including strategy tips. Chapter Four is much like Ground School for being a Fighter Ace pilot. And Chapter Five and Chapter Six cover the tactics and strategies needed to succeed in advancing in rank.

One caveat to this book is that the illustrations regarding the Zone are out of date. However, site navigation described in Chapter Two shouldn't be too hard to correlate to the actual Web site.

This book has plenty of information, all in one place, that is a terrific companion to the on-line documentation. I found it well worth the investment." from San Diego, California , May 13, 1999

"Buy Ben's Book "Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone: Fighter Ace" ISBN #1-57231-646-2 and read it. I highly recommend this book for the new guys."
"…I think its worth it if not just for the information that it provides to you…
…The book is around 20 bucks but the frustration that it saved me was well worth it to me."

"…the Inside Moves book is pretty good if you ignore the first half about how to use the Internet Gaming Zone. I recommend it. It has helped me."
--Hyer Bercaw

"Roger that, I just got my PRIZE copy yesterday and it is as you said, the first part is for computer illiterate dweebs but the second part gets down to business."

Browse Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone: Fighter Ace: Inside Moves at


Browse Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone: Fighter Ace: Inside Moves at

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"The wait was worth it, if only for Ben Chiu's tutorial booklet. Less extensive works than this are sold for $20."
"The DI/Imagic sims are almost exactly identical--Ben Chiu wrote a nice Tutorial for iF-16 that wasn't in the Brit release."
--Tom Cervo

"the manuals are outstanding..."
"iF-16 HAS GREAT Written MANUALS!"
--Richard Ordway

"I don't know what iMagic did with iF-16 that was supposed to make it better, but it's nearly identical to DI's release, although the iMagic release does ship with a better manual, and an excellent tutorial booklet which DI's release didn't have."
--Rod White, PCME

"The "Tutorial" manual has very good Tutorials on Flight Training and Combat Tactics."
--Hostile ( on September 28, 1997 at 10:37:13:

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Air Warrior II Strategies and Secrests

"Actually the books by Sybex for AW2 and the like are pretty darn good books for new guys. They usually get specific about the strengths and weaknesses of the planes you will 'fly' in the game. Or at least be very close WRT airplane performance.

>it's sorta' a gospel thing like the ten commandments of ACM. It's called;
>Fighter Combat : Tactics and Maneuvering by Robert L. Shaw.

This is indeed a wealth of information, but can be very difficult for readers to follow. I suspect that a flight sim newbie might suffer from sensory overload, and the energy -vs- angles discussions might leave newbies wondering which they should employ.

The AW2 book by Ben Chiu actually gives you tips for particular airplanes. I personally find this book more valuable WRT to playing games, even WarBirds.

While FC:TAM is a great book, it lacks the airplane specific advice that new guys (and this old guy) require."
--Robey Price

"…I ran into an AirWarrior strategy guide. The thing included not only BCM, but all the little details above how to get kills in air warrior, INCLUDING an appendix with all the data for every plane."
--Luis Caamano

Browse The Official Air Warrior II Strategies and Secrets at


Browse The Official Air Warrior II Strategies and Secrets at

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The Air Combat Advisor

"I enjoy your articles, look forward to the next month's subject, and feel your articles are the best of any in the current crop of flight sim magazines."
--Andy Bush 76711.347@CompuServe.COM

"I really enjoyed your air combat advisor series… …Keep it up mate!
--Len Hjalmarson

"Let me first state that your magazine is the only one of its type that I subscribe to and for two main reasons: The Hangar and Ben Chiu's Air Combat Advisor. In fact, I would suggest that Ben's articles be edited into either a book or 'special' magazine issue! His usually insightful and brief verbage combine to form the best writing on Flight Simulation topics/tactics available today."
--Joe Kelly

"...Ben's got a gift for explaining the complex in very easy to understand terms."
--Bryan Rucker

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The Racer's Edge

"I have benefitted greatly from the aero articles in RCMC and am hungry for more. I like technical articles that are actually TECHNICAL, so many of the tech articles are no more then seeing "how many hop-ups can I put on this car."
--Phil Stuard

"I'm familiar with your work in R/C Model Cars-probably the best stuff in there!"
--Frank Masi

"I want you to know that I really enjoyed the magazine and found it, by far, the single most informative mag for the RC car industry/hobby."
--Brian R. Williams

"Thank you very much for writing on the most fascinating subject."
--Todd Drew

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