Summer movies 2014: 5 things we learned

There certainly was plenty of destruction to go around. Not only were several cities destroyed, including San Francisco (“Godzilla”) and Chicago (“Transformers: Age of Extinction”), there was also the kind of destruction Hollywood hates: that of their receipts.
Summer ticket sales, as of the last week in August, were down 15% over summer 2013, according to The New York Times, quoting movie business tabulator Rentrak. For movies released in the May-August window, grosses were down a whopping 25% — $3.67 billion this year vs. $4.85 billion last year, according to…

Anyone surprised? Budgets go up, fewer movies are made, ticket prices go up (and concessions with it), rehashed stories/franchises, plus home theaters get better, and fewer go to the movies. Downward spiral.

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